I Heart Dalikfodda Shithouse Tour 3

Jettblack played at our night at the Macbeth last night. Wierdly, the guys from Twilight were there! Now I know a lot of people think its SHIT but I loved that movie. I love teen a movie!

EDIT: I just googled Robert Pattinson and Kristen @ Macbeth to see if I could grab a pic and its unbelievable how obsessed people are by them! Its was being tweeted whilst they were there. Fucking wierd. Anyway, here is a pic of the man himself last night, apparently the fans call him R Patz:

All the girls (apart from me) fancied this dude. Basically as he had his top off, longish hair and was playing a guitar. ITS THAT SIMPLE!

I think the rain put a few people off venturing out but it was still busy. I drank too much again and then overslept this morning. Woke up half an hour after I was meant to be in a meeting. How professional! Luckily the meeting was about putting on a party so I think I was forgiven – I obviously now how to throw a good one and enjoy it.

Thanks to all the DJs including our newest addition, Ben Rayner.

More pics on the I Heart Thursday blog. Next month we’ll be teaming up with Second Son. More info soon but I’ll tell ya now that the first 50 people to find me get a free shirt.

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