I do some stupid shit….

but this has got to take the biscuit.

I have spent the day organising 20 Santa outfits plus bags of candy canes and gold coins for an event Posy and I are putting on tomorrow.

Continuing with our plot to take over the world in the most retarded manner possible, we have organised a guerilla marketing event/PR stunt for Gocycle which is taking place tomorrow. We are paying 20 of our friends to dress up and ride about on semi-electric bikes for the day. Well actually, Gocycle but its going through the company that Posy and I set up, Final. Should be a laugh as I’ve tried one of the bikes and they are pretty hilarious to ride plus with the people we have coming along, there’s no way we won’t have fun. I don’t know anyone will be able to keep a straight face when we are all gonna look like this:

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