I designed some shirts for Boxfresh

I designed a couple of shirts for  Boxfresh for their artist’s series kinda thingy. The first one, the Happy Happy Joy Joy is for spring/summer 2010 and the Abracadabra is for autumn/winter 2010. So they are not gonna be out for bloody ages which is a shame! Patience is not one of my virtues!


HHJJ samplecrop


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  1. Amanda November 5, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    hello, this is amanda sundvor. i work at 21st ave bikes here in portland, or. in my free time i plan and throw bike events and i am putting on another one on january 8th & 9th. the 8th will be at nemo design and will consist of sprints, fixed gear trick comp, and a bike art show. the 9th will be DH slalom, something with the pump track, and a brutal game called dead goat or carcass keepaway. our last event included open sprints, pump track TT, quickstop, and for the more advanced crowd, pump track p-i-g. since then we have made the pump track bigger, better, and we added a wall ride which i am pretty sure falls under better, but it is worth mentioning. i would be super stoked if hell yeah would be interested in being a sponsor at our upcoming event. it would be so, so rad. email me and i will send you some sweet pictures of our last event.

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