I can’t believe I only just started riding BMX!

I got my BMX a short while ago but wanted to wait until it had a back brake before I took it to the skatepark. I bought Ted breakfast in return for brazing the brake mounts back on and on Monday I finally got to take my new bike for its first proper ride.

It was SO much fun. Pretty gutted I’ve never ridden BMX before but still, better late than never.

I went down to Kennington bowl where I started off rolling in and carving around before dropping in over the coping for the first time. Then we rode down to Stockwell where I followed Tom around a couple of times before sessioning small hump from the large bowl into the smaller one. Managed to get some air but was going pretty long and beginning to clear the landing so Tom suggested I carve round into it and go up the side so that it was more like a hip and the flat top was a little longer. I gave that a go and ate shit, skidding along the floor on my palms. Gotta wear gloves next time. It was ACE!!!! Wanna go to Brockwell Park pump track next.

Here’s Tom at Kennington Bowl:

taliban tom, kennington

This is me, borrowed from Thom not Tom’s blog. I’m riding my new Metal Bike which I love!


Sam just got a BMX too. She had her first go at the Brooklyn Banks back in NYC and loved it immediately then when she saw the FBM film at the Bicycle Film Festival, she decided her first had to be one of those. She is so damn busy that we haven’t had a chance to ride together yet but I can’t wait till we do. Here she is showing it off at home last week:


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