One of the things I love most about cycling is going fast. The other is getting airborne and doing jumps, which isn’t really relevant to riding a road bike at all so when it comes to riding asphalt I get my kicks from speed.

So how to ride faster?


The most obvious way of getting quicker on two wheels is quite simply by riding more, but what I’ve learnt after many, many years of just riding aimlessly (enjoyable though that is!) is that you get better results, more quickly by really focusing on what you’re trying to achieve rather than just kind of hoping it’s going to happen, you know,  as a by-product of what you’re already doing.


gironas best cycle routes


Another thing I’ve learned is that tips really do help. I’m a big one for asking for advice and always want to hoover up as much knowledge and know-how as I can. I absolutely do not get weird about people butting in and offering advice – I actively encourage it. And once I’ve gleaned some valuable facts? Well it’s only fair to share.

So head over to bicycle insurance folks Bikmo to read my guest post and my top ten tips for cycling faster.


Juliet Elliott: “My top 10 tips for riding faster”

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