I often get comments from friends, from family and on social media, where people tell me, ‘I’m so lucky.’ I’m lucky because I live in Devon, I’m lucky because I’m riding somewhere, I’m lucky because I do work I enjoy…

To a certain extent, I get where people are coming from – Instagram’s a great one for inspiring dissatisfaction and all those carefully curated moments that pepper your feed can make you feel that your small patch of Planet Earth is just not quite as good as everyone else’s, or that others are doing better than you…

But to me luck is something totally random such as winning the lottery; it’s something you’ve no control over at all. Making life choices that eventually deliver you to the place that you want to be is something else entirely. Some of my decisions have been wise, others less so, and some of the directions I’ve taken have been fruitful whereas others weren’t. I’ve tried a lot of things and if they worked, great, but if they didn’t, so what? And believe me, lots of them didn’t…

juliet elliott cycling fixed gear italy

In none of this was there any kind of luck involved, It was down to decisions I took, many of them made because I never want to wonder, ‘what if?’

But as there’s no other perfect word to describe getting to a place you want to be, I guess we’ll have to stick with the word ‘luck.’ So how to be lucky? How to get that life you want?

The answer is simple. Stop wondering ‘what if,’ and stop day dreaming. You want to live in Devon? Do what I did, and wave goodbye to all you know and go. You can live where you want in your own country! You want to spend more time cycling? Stop partying so much and get up earlier at the weekend or get a job as a bike courier; it’s crap money but it’s a good laugh. You want a job doing something you like? Retrain, take a pay cut, set up your own business. Work hard and get where you want to be.

No one is born ‘ready formed,’ with their life set in concrete. Take your own life into your hands and just go for it. Choose to be happy. No excuses. And no luck needed.

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