How About Racing Enduro In Wales?

With multiple timed stages reached under your own steam, Enduro races have invigorated grass roots mountain biking over the last few years introducing the thrill of racing down technical terrain to a new generation of riders. Unlike a Downhill race where riders use single discipline bikes, Enduro or ‘trail bikes’ are equally at home in the bike park as they are out on the moors, something that more closely reflects people’s diverse interests.


welsh gravity enduro mashup aran

This season the Welsh Gravity Enduro series decided to take a new look at the Enduro format, tweaking it ever so slightly to provide even greater fun for riders looking to test their skills and have a great time doing so. The Mash-Up format allows competitors to try as many times as they like to set their fastest time on the downhill stages in any order they chose.

I was drawn to the event as it resembles an ideal day out on the bike – riding all day with friends, pedaling up to the top to ‘earn’ your fun on the way down and finally, a competitiveelement – who doesn’t like to see how they stack up against their buddies?

To read how I got on in my first Welsh Gravity Enduro mash-up race earlier this year at Afan Forest, click here to read the full article from which the excerpt before was taken.

Whilst you’re there you can find out about plenty of other Enduro events to enter too. I’d really recommend giving one a go. Enduro events are (in my opinion!) way more fun than slogging your way round a cross-country course. For me, hard work on the bike needs repaying and in Enduro  you still get to pant and wheeze your way up climbs but you’re rewarded with awesome downhill sections. It’s the best of both worlds.

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