Sometimes when I’m wondering what to write for a post, I dismiss ideas without giving them much thought because I simply can’t think why anyone would be sufficiently interested in reading about them. I guess the things that I do all the time seem fairly ordinary to me and I sometimes thing I have to be doing something fairly elaborate, unusual or inspired in order to make a nice feature out of it.


Juliet elliott honesty box dinners


But the thing with blogs is, people often are interested in the minutiae of one’s day to day life, perhaps because it’s the personal details that reach out to a reader and make what you’re writing different from say, a magazine article.

I certainly find myself curious about the lifestyles of people that I follow around the world, about the choices they make, the places they like and what makes a typical day for them, because what’s normal for them often isn’t for me.


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Anyway, the point I’m getting to is this: I wrote a blog about something I do down here in Devon, called Honesty Box Dining that I consider fairly ordinary, and would you believe it, lots of people told me what a fab idea it was. So thanks guys and I stand corrected!


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So if you’re curious to read about one of the ways that I amuse myself on a Friday night, head over to the Brooks blog to read my column.


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