I like all bikes. My collection is growing and threatening to take over my living room. I am definitely gonna have to get rid of a chair. Anyway, I got a road bike last week and I went out on it on Sunday for the first time. Its SO light it’s unbelievable – it has carbon forks, cranks, derailleurs and seatpost and the frame is titanium. I fancied doing some long fast rides and it’s perfect for that.

Charge Skewer

The only thing is, it was a real bitch to set the gears up and get them changing smoothly and I just kept thinking ‘this is why I started riding fixed gear bikes! Because gears are a major pain in the ass!’ So eventually I took it down to Tour De Ville, the new bike shop which Keith and Jos set up. Its full of the most beautiful vintage parts and frames and they also know what they are doing when it comes to servicing any type of bike. Keith got me running smoothly in no time at all.

On Monday I went to Dagenham BMX track and rode the Charge Blender. We took an enormously long route up there then headed to the skate park to meet people. Only we headed to the wrong skatepark. By the time we got to the race track we were already tired and then the track totally killed us. It’s much bigger and longer than it looks on the picture and just getting all the round with enough speed for the jumps is really hard. It was fun though and I managed to (just) clear my first double! It was frustrating as I was cranking really hard and still not getting quite enough speed; if I could have gone faster it would have been easy to clear. But it was really good fun anyway.

Dagenham BMX Track

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