Hinterlands: A fixed gear cycling film

Way back at the beginning of summer, Dave and I got up at 4am to head over to Dartmoor and meet local filmmakers Callum Earnshaw and Amanda Bluglass. Getting up early is really not my bag at all – seeing as I’m freelance and do much of my work from home, I’ve got used to extra time in bed in place of a commute. But clutching a Thermos of tea as I blinked the last of the sleep from my heavy eyes, at 5am I was stood at the foot of Haytor and it became clear why we’d risen before dawn.



Dartmoor is a really special place, an area that’s at once wild and very accessible. Shaped over the centuries by man and the elements, Dartmoor has a particular atmosphere that’s a little hard to describe without sounding a bit whacky. To me it feels peaceful and mysterious but also just ever so slightly ‘other’ or ‘apart;’ it’s not an ordinary place and somehow commands respect. Whether that’s Β to do with the weather that’s prone to dramatically change without warning, the presence of numerous neolithic stone circles and monuments or simply my own fantasy, I don’t know. I’d suggest you just visit and breathe it all in.

We decided to make a video showing the mystical beauty of Dartmoor and the simple yet profound pleasure of riding a bike through such a landscape. Both Dave and I and the film crew filmed this project just for the love of it. I hope you enjoy watching!


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