I’m still exploring Devon, seeking out new routes and enjoying the beautiful scenery and astonishingly considerate drivers. But the area is outrageously hilly so sometimes I unwittingly bite off a little more than I can chew. Today was one of those days…

You know how sometimes you set off and for some reason your stupid legs refuse to cooperate? Your whole body is just not as up for it as your mind? Well today was one of those days and just to add to the torture factor, a 20 mile an hour head wind seemed to precede us and match our every turn.

dave noakes dartmoor by juliet elliott

Anyway, I love riding on Dartmoor but it’s right up the top of a lot of steep hills, some of them a long, bearable slog, others punishing cat 4 climbs which quite honestly, I struggled to manage today. The smallest gear on my Charge Filter Apex is also too heavy for me, something I need to change I reckon. Unfortunately the route I tried out today consisted of climb after climb after climb after climb. So many climbs it just seemed weird, how could we keep going up but still not be at the top?

I found it tough, but Dave (the loon) was riding his FIXED GEAR, with 81 gear inches, no less. Normally he’s pretty happy to get stuck into the hills but the route I chose today elicited several bursts of moaning from him…haha, sorry Dave!

dave noakes dartmoor 2 by juliet elliott

He also blew up a tyre on a really steep hill on the way back to down to Ashburton, flying into a wall but luckily avoiding a car. So after throwing his bike in the air in annoyance (several times), with his tyre shredded we then had to walk home 8 miles.Which was annoying enough, but then it started to hail! Hahahaha!

So it was a shit ride, magically entirely uphill.. but I did manage to take a couple of nice pictures. I won’t be going that way again though!

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