Holy shit, Hellfest was amazing again this year! After some shenanigans at the border which held us up somewhat, we finally made it to Clisson after a nightmare journey. Nightmare for Nina actually, as she drove the whole way.

I had a photo/video pass but kinda forget to use it so all my band photos are dogshit. To be honest though, I didn’t want to fanny about taking snaps whilst I was watching such killer bands. Watain SLAYED it and the other highlights for me were Weedeater, Rwake and Carcass. Immortal were good and i was super excited to see them, but a combination of Watain being in a tent and them being outside plus the sheer power or Watain’s performance meant that they won. I can’t stop listening to Weedeater at the moment though.

Anyway, here’s some snaps:

Biggest regret of the whole weekend? Missing Discharge. What an idiot I am! I just forgot they were on. Now I’m bummed I can no longer drink beer for breakfast and watch killer bands whenever I feel like it

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