I went to Hellfest in France over the weekend and had the best time EVER!

All week long I was fannying about sorting out passes and lifts after everything fell through but I was 100% determined I was going to get there and it was more than worth it.

We arrived Thursday night and send about erecting tents slightly hampered by a) the dark, b) the whiskey and c) the fact that we’d never put these particular tents up before. Luckily we picked a spot away from piss alley where our friends had made the mistake of pitching theirs… Sanna and Nina’s tent was slap bang in front of the ‘wild toilets’.

liam, sanna and nina

Eyehategod was the first band we saw and they slayed it! They played all ‘the hits’, if you can call them that and were brutal and heavy as fuck. Holy shit, I love that band more than anything… well they are definitely top three anyway. It was pretty wierd watching them in the blazing sun at 3.30 but I was pretty much sideways by that point anyway. Amazingly I did manage to just about hold it together for the whole weekend which was impressive considering the amount of people that threw up or passed out.


Motley Crue played Friday night and they were absolute dogshit! What a joke! They kept going off for about 5 minutes between songs, probably for an oxygen canister to keep them alive and they’d leave one lame ass on stage to talk to the crowd. Bloody rubbish. They played on the big outdoor stage and for various reasons I thought I was in a tunnel with a massive domed roof and lots of giants. Bizarre.

sanna and jo

We pretty much only saw a couple of bands a day as we like to keep things quite relaxed without too much dashing about…. either that or we were too busy talking shit and drinking beer. It was godamn hot though! On Saturday I made sure to see Amebix as I’d had to give away my tickets to see them at the Underworld as we were traveling to Hellfest. The sound was pretty shit in my opinion… I mean I know Amebix aren’t meant to sound super crsip but nonthenless, it could have been a hell of a lot better. But still, it was the AMEBIX! I have an Amebix tattoo and I’d never seen them before so it was amazing just to finally get to hear them play ‘Arise’.


Mastodon were amazing… Their sound was absolutely spot on and I love that new album. Laura and I did a bit of crowd surfing too and got mega groped… hehehe!


On Sunday Steve turned up with a lobster which we ate whilst drinking beer the temperature of bath water. Really need a cool box next time! We missed Coalecse which was a shame but we did manage to see the mighty Electric Wizard who were amazing! Their whole set was good but when they played ‘Satanic Rites of Drugula’ and ‘The Chosen Few’, it was SO heavy and SO good. It was also good seeing Europe play ‘The Final Countdown’. Everyone had been waiting with bated breath the entire set for that song and when it finally started, everyone went nuts!


To finish off the final day, we saw an extended set from Brutal Truth in the smaller tent. They were so fast and furious but then would have these bits were they would rock out a little more before going back in the mega fast grindcore which worked so well as sometimes full on non stop grind loses me along the way. I don’t have any of their records but I’ve gotta  get some now.RIMG0047

And that was it! Over and no desire for it to be! We got stopped and searched on the way back to Calais which wasn’t so much fun – I’m sure Laura was shaking slightly, but that out the way we sailed back across the channel having had the best time ever. Hellfest Rules! Can’t wait till next year!

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