Hanging with Tom LaMarche and Tony Fast

Two of my favourite Americans, Tom LaMarch and Tony Fast are in town.

I dragged them along to see Salute play at the Old Blue Last on Saturday night. Salute ruled! I was really surprised that they are muscly skinheads with a penchant for boot cut flairs though. You have to check out their album ‘Above The Law’. Whilst googling it I found out that Salute were Fenriz’s band of the week back in Sept 09. RAD! I think I love Fenriz. Actually, I do. Heehe

After the gig (from which Ted was carried out!) we headed back to Ted’s place. The dude at the beer shop gave me this hat which Tony took a liking for:

Hehehe! Sorry Tony – I told you I’d get you back!

For more on what we’ve been getting up to, check my Charge blog here or Tom’s blog here

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