In my mission to get fitter, faster and stronger, I’ve been trying some exercise classes, something very new to me.

I can honestly say that before this year, I hadn’t participated in any form of group exercise since school. Even at school, I didn’t like team sports or group workouts, so that meant no to hockey, netball and rounders, but a big resounding yes to skateboarding, climbing and  snowboarding. Those three were my saviours, for it it weren’t for activities like those, I’m sure my experiences at school would have led me to believe that sport was not for me.

Anyway, school was a while ago and people do change, so I thought it about time I at least gave exercise classes a go. I began by reviewing an indoor spinning class at Boom My Body (terrible name!) for Total Women’s Cycling. It had it’s positives and negatives. Find out what I thought here.

Next up, I reviewed Cyclebeat for Coven Magazine, and as this is all about writing honest reviews, I can reveal that I much preferred that class. Find out why here.

Since dipping my toe into the water with these classes, I’m keen to try more. So far, it’s been a bit hit and miss – a terrible ‘yogalates’ class, a surprisingly fun kettlercise class and a pretty weird TRX class that had me laughing hysterically whilst suspended from the ceiling. I wonder what new weird and wonderful workouts people are dreaming up?

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