I’ve been riding my Goomah Bike for a few months now, and in that time we’ve become firm friends so I thought I’d introduce her to you.


Juliet Elliott Assos Cyclist Riding a Goomah Bike in Deovn

Goomah Bike G733 Full Build


The bikes are designed and developed by the Assos Werkmanschaft, which is Assos’ core team of product testers. The brand is a partnership between the Swiss cycle clothing manufacturers and Goomah SA.

If you didn’t know that Assos actually invented the first carbon frame (back in 1976), I guess it could seem odd that a clothing company created a bike brand rather than the other way round, but once you know that it all starts to make sense.

The bikes are strictly limited in number, and available in two different models, the G731 and the G733, which I have. The G733 is the successor to the 731, so a few things have changed, for instance the seatpost which previously was integrated.

Goomah Bike G733 Front Brake CaliperGoomah Bike with DT Swiss RRC 46TGoomah Bike G733 with Prologo Nago Evo Dea Tirox

Goomah Bike G733 handlebarsGoomah Bike g733 with SRAM RED XG 1190 cassette and deraiileur


The bike is crazily light and really stiff, and feels nippy and responsive which is just the way I like ’em! The frame is asymmetrical to ‘compensate for the torsional flex that a one-sided powertrain generates under maximum force,’ and whilst I don’t know much about the physics of this, when I crank down hard she leaps forwards enthusiastically. When sprinting on the flat (not often round Devon!) she’s off like the clappers. The BB386 EVO bottom bracket and the crankset help with this feeling of power, adding torsional strength.

When it comes to aesthetics, well she looks incredible.  The soft matte black finish with the full on logo and gold detailing is far from subtle and I absolutely love the full on flashiness! Internal cable routing makes her look even better, and apparently the cabling route has been re-designed to flatten the path for smoother, faster and more precise shifting. She sure does shift smoothly, but whether that’s due to the top of the range Sram RED group set or the path of routing… well I know where my money would be.

Frame set GOOMAH G733
Crankset FSA KFORCE 2014 Compact black 50/34
Handlebar FSA K-FORCE 2014 (B/G) 38
Shifters SRAM RED 22
Front derailleur SRAM RED 22
Rear derailleur SRAM RED 22
Chain SRAM PC 1190
Cassette SRAM XG 1190
Saddle Prologo Nago Evo Dea Tirox.
Wheels DT Swiss RRC 46T
Pedals Speedplay

Speedplay Pedals




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