A couple of weeks ago I jumped in a van with seven strangers and went off on a tour of the UK. Sound wierd? Well as there aren’t many girls in BMX you tend to hear about other females riding and over facebook it was decided that a week of riding with other birds would be a laugh. We’d get the skateparks all to ourselves wherever we went, all in the name of promoting and encouraging women on bikes.We’d be free to ride away from the scrutiny of the guys who wonder whether you’re good or shit, or whether you’re there to bone BMXers. Relentless hooked us up with a van and we were ready to roll.

Some of the parks we rode were AMAZING, my favourites being EK Park and Unit 23, both in Scotland.

Check out EK PARK! We slept here so could ride as much as we wanted after the park closed.

I learnt distasters there despite having had about two hours sleep the whole week. Was pretty stoked as I made my solitary first attempt the day before then nailed them my third try.

Unit 23 was sick too! There were two huge rooms of ramps plus a sweet bowl and an enormous foam pit. I can’t wait to go back! We slept there too so got to session till half two in the morning.

The final stop of the tour was the Nike Pool in Dagenham which is where I did the 180 further down the page. I was also trying feebles but accidentally did a peg grind instead. Shame my foot is right on the edge of the pedal here:

All in all, the trip was ace! Was a bit of a bummer going back to work though instead of riding all the time, haha!

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