Girl’s bashed up face club

Founder member of the bashed up face club, Mel, has added another facial injury to the collection.

I went out riding on Sunday so I arrived at the pub late and was greeted by my buddies who’d been on it since 3pm. It was an attempt at being civilised that went slightly wrong; everyone thought ‘if we meet at 3pm, we’ll have a few and still be home in time for tea and an early night’. Of course it didnt work like that and when I arrived at 6, Mel was already on the shots and everyone was dancing. Ted turned up late as well and was therefore the most sober person in the room. I think this has to be the first time that has EVER happened. Ted was even alarmed by the amorous attentions of one drunken female! TED! Scared! Hahaha!

Anyway, Mel fell off and ended up spending half the night in A & E having her face superglued. I am worried that one day someone will not be so lucky and the the damage will be a lot more severe. Please be careful! I think we are going to have to start confiscating bikes!


And here is poor Posy, who had to have her chin glued back together in Hawaii at Christmas. She broke her front teeth as well so she is having a double root canal on the top front two teeth and then getting them capped. OUCH!


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  1. kawaikuteyasahiifuransujin January 20, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    How are you ??
    Is it possible to leave a not for a great healing ??

  2. Michael Krijnen January 11, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    WoW am I so glad that is behind you.

    You were amazingly stoic after the accident I know your dad was beside himself, inside, and calm on the out: if you can do that, (if it is possible and you can, he would be a contender).

    I have just got off SKYPE with him, he sounded miserable with a cold but looked good with his head injury after working with Liz, he said “he was retiring”. and I will too ……………… much aloha’s Mike K……

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