A while back there used to be regular ‘girl’s bike nights’ that went under the name of Trixie Chix. I have to say that I’m not at all into segregation myself for many reasons including the fact that I like boys as well as girls. So  normally I just ride with whoever is up for it. Having said that when I heard that a big group of girls were meeting up to ride, I thought it would be cool to go along and say hi and maybe meet a few new people.

These girl only meets put on by the ‘Trixie Chix’ don’t really happen as much as they used to and it was decided last week that some sort of get together was in order.  In the end I think about 21 girls turned up which was cool. Mostly people played polo so I disappeared after a bit to fall off my bike at Tuesday tricks night on the carpark roof.


In more girly news I just wanted to link to my friend Sharmadean’s blog. Sharma runs WAH Magazine, a magazine for girls which celebrates all things female. Sharma is an all round smart chick, impossibly cool with some fucking amazing ideas, so go check out her blog and keep an eye out for her latest venture happening around Kingsland Road soon.

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