Getting Muddy (again) in Devon

I don’t actually have a road bike, but what I do have it a Charge Filter Apex, which I ride both offroad and on as well as a Charge Duster. I’ve been out for a couple of rides with Mid Devon CC on the Filter, a cyclocross bike, explored all around Teignbridge and Torbay and found some brilliant offroad sections.

me in met helmet

Yesterday I went out for a random adventure and wound up stuck at the bottom of a hugely overgrown bridleway, trapped by barbed wire. My only option was to sneak through a field so I ran the gauntlet past a farmer busy ploughing his field.

In 18 months of couriering, my poor Sidi’s never had to deal with the level of abuse they have here in Devon. Thankfully, the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought (i’m not counting the Vivienne Westwoods, as strictly speaking, they’re boots) are still going strong. I’m going to be product testing some more shoes over the coming weeks, so let’s see how they measure up against my faves.

muddy sidis

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