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Earlier this year, bicycle insurance company Laka got in touch with me to ask if I’d like to share news of their product with my viewers. After checking out how they operate and being satisfied that this cycle-centric company was one with which I’d choose to partner, we teamed up together to collaborate on a very appropriate video – an update of my ‘Epic Bike Collection’ video.

As a sponsored cyclist, I have a fair few bikes to take care of and my multi-discipline fleet is my absolute pride and joy. Due to a few reasons (mainly space) Dave and I don’t actually keep all our bikes at home but for the purpose of the video, I gathered them all together, posed for a photo then introduced them to everyone.



Having the bikes insured by Laka is great for my peace of mind, despite the fact I’d still be devasted to lose any of them. Every single one is precious to me, thanks to the amount of fun we’ve had (and still have) together. Laka cover your bikes at home and abroad, for sportives and some races and when your bike is on or in your car. Naturally, theft and accidental damage are covered but it’s the way Laka operates that stands it apart from others who offer similar cover.



Laka splits the cost of claims with its community of cyclists, riders like you and me who have chosen Laka for insurance. This means that in the event of one cyclist losing a bike, everyone pays a tiny share to replace it. And if no one registers a loss? No one pays out for a claim. Confused? I was at first.

Basically, it’s community-funded insurance and you don’t pay up front; you pay in the event of a claim. You could have to pay virtually nothing and what you’ll have to pay in the event of a claim is capped, so there are no nasty surprises.

Thank you to Laka for sponsoring the NEW Epic Bike Collection video and this post. To get free insurance credit use my code JULIET at the checkout.

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