From Commuter to Fixed, Road, Gravel, MTB and Cyclocross Racer


My cycling journey has been a long and eventful one. I’m naturally curious and enjoy exploring new disciplines, challenging myself and throwing everything I have at things to see where it leads.



I’ve now been writing this blog for over ten years and in that time I’ve seen trends come and go, my interests in various disciplines have grown and waned and I’ve enjoyed finding out exactly what it is that motivates and inspires me. I’m the kind of person who never sits still and who is always evolving so the world of bikes suits me very well – the possibilities for fun are pretty much endless.


Making it up as I go along


I hope that through my stories and videos people get a sense of what it’s like to explore the enormously varied world of cycling from the perspective of someone who is figuring stuff out as they go along. Cycling and sharing my experiences is now my full-time job but that doesn’t mean I am a ‘pro-cyclist.’ I hope that this makes what I do more relatable and therefore encourages people to try things and not to be scared to fail or get put off if things aren’t immediately easy.

I didn’t grow up cycling and started racing very late. My first races were not successful or even enjoyable. I’ve since had some results I’m very proud of but I still struggle sometimes, not least as I’m now a mother. My point is, it doesn’t matter how old you are, how much experience you have, whether you know what you’re doing or if you have ‘the right stuff..’ What matters is that you give things a go and take pleasure in the process.



If you’re interested in my back story or wondering how to get into bike racing, bikepacking or mountain biking yourself, here’s how I went from commuter to bike messenger to racer.


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