I went to the launch of the new bike mag, Fixed on Saturday night.

It was amazing how many people were there, how big the scene is, how many nice bikes there were.

I was green with bike envy but found comfort in the fact that I’d just ordered Sugino 75 cranks for my new build and that my new ride will soon be ready. I’ve had the nicest Vivalo frame sitting in my bedroom since I bought it a few months ago and I’ve never had any money for parts. I still don’t have money for parts but decided to part with some cash as I couldn’t bear looking at it gathering dust any longer.

I just heard today that they guys I ordered the cranks from are out of stock. GODAMMIT, I could have ordered some somewhere else and they would be on their way already…. Anyways, I may buy some second hand grand mighty’s instead as it happens.

I digress… the party…

So, there was booze, there were bikes, there was a trackstanding competition, pisumo and a longest skid contest, the mag looked good, Ian and Andy were happy, and I earned myself a hangover.


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