Fixed Mag launch and Macaframa Euro Premier

I’m definitely going to go to this at the weekend.


They’ll be showing Macaframa at the cinema which I’m looking forward to seeing then there’ll be a party.

Speaking of parties, I went to Posy’s birthday bash on Saturday night. We rode up to Romford during the day and froze our asses off as it was a bit of an impromtu ride. I went to say hi to my friend Neal who works in a tattoo studio there. I’ve really got the urge to get another. Anyway, the party –  as per usual I may have got slightly over exuberant… so I spent to rest of the weekend recovering and today I am concentrating on doing as little work as possible. I am doing ok so far – I have only sent one email and Ive drunk three cups of tea.

Anyway, I digress… I’ve been changing stuff around a bit on my bike and its now a million miles away from where I started. Its so unlike the Vivalo I was riding; its pretty comfortable but I’m not quite sure I like it. I think I need a compromise. I put a new Charge stem on it this weekend because the BMX stem was too short. But I just think it looks wierd and it certainly feels odd. Its SO upright now that its like riding a shopper. The angle of this stem is all wrong so its back to the drawing board. I’d really like a Thomson stem I think. Anyway, yawn… I bore myself


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