I went down to London Fields for the launch of the new issue of Fixed Mag on Saturday and grabbed myself a couple of copies.

fixed launch

Ian had a new tattoo:

ians new tat

It was a pretty chilled affair as Ian had literally only just finished the mag and is off to Eurobike. So not enough time to organise a big party. But we didn’t need one! It was nice to check out the mag, relax in the park and see our friends. There was a treasurecat but I didn’t do it as I was feeling sick.

fixed launch helen

I’ve been ill for over a week now and it’s so SHIT. Alright, so I had a couple of cans of cider the other day but I have been so good, staying in etc and its been mega boring. Haven’t even really been able to ride. This next week should be fun though –  gonna ride in Paris tomorrow, then catch a train over to Basel on Thursday to visit Carharrt and mess about there. Friday I’m gonna head over to Lausanne and see if I can get make an appointment with Felipe Leu as the only way to get one is to go there in person! And after that I’m gonna head to Germany to Eurobike to meet up with the SHop 14 gang and the guys from Charge. Should be a lot more fun than this week!

Anyway, the mag looks good as usual. Inside are articles on on New Zealand, Redbull ‘Eye In The Sky’, Paris, The Revival and the Nike CTRS trip from London to Paris. There’s this piece on me and Posy too!



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