I went along to launch of the new issue of Fixed last night at Shop 14. I feel predictably rough now. What a suprise. I cannot wait for work to be over. Ugh.

Emily Ezekiel looked beautiful as always!emily ezekiel

Ian from Fixed Mag had his Will Hughes Dalikfodda shirt on:ian sansom

Here’s Helen stoked to see me in the mag! I was suprised myself – I had no idea I was going to be.helen robinson

Oscar is awesome. Can’t believe he only turned 16 the day before yesterday. I’m digging the shirt.oscar fgl

Ted and Butters were there:ted and butters

and so was Minh Ai, who is very excited about getting her new bike that ted made. Ted’s getting a lot of orders for his frames – get in the queue!minh ai

We love Sparks. If you are coming to England from the states, PLEASE BRING SPARKS! We will give you marmite.grace and posy

There was a raffle with some good prizes and a footdown contest. We were unable to participate as we were blowing up a gazillion balloons.raffle

It was Mikey’s 30th and we suprised him with the balloons and cake. He was quite embarrassed, particularly the second time that we sang happy birthday. Here’s Em getting into the spirit of things:emily in a party hat

So a good time was had by all. Well, my liver probably didn’t enjoy it much, but not to worry.

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