Woo! Had so much fun this weekend. I went to the Macaframa premier, did an alleycat and then went to the Fixed Mag launch party. All round good times. I have expanded a little on this here  on my Charge blog so I’m not gonna drone on about it again!emily ezekiel

Here’s  Em with the spoke cards.

Needless to say, we all had a lot of fun. It was the usual winning combination of bikes, beers, dancing, friends…My favourite.

PLUS, there were semi naked men wrestling! What the fuck?Hehehehe! For some reason Ted and several others started hurling eachother around at the party. He’s actually hurt his leg pretty bad but can’t remember much about it. I  filmed it though and the footage is lurking somewhere for those that want to try and find it. Hehehe! Here is the man himself being looked after by two lovely ladies.


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