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I went down to the Cycle Show at Earl’s Court over the weekend and checked out all the new stuff they had on show. Its a bit wierd because you cant actually buy anything (apart from a bit of Rapha stuff) but you get seriously tempted. Charge Bikes’ stand looked really good, and I got a chance to check out their new road bike, the Skewer, which i’m getting soon. I posted this stuff on my Charge Blog, so I may be repeating myself here, but Andy got a couple of pics of the stand, Ted and myself hanging around and being useless. Thanks to Nick from Charge for the Mojitos and the hangovers.

Fixed Gear London also have a blog now; you can check it out here. They’ve got new riders pics up on their site and there’s one of me smirking and another of Ian cracking a beer. The rider’s page is here. Andy @ FGL was telling me about a lot of cool things he’s been up to and we’re planning a couple of trips as a group which should be fun. Fixed Gear London have been working on some interesting collaborations recently, more of which I will report back on later. Ted has been working hard building a frame on his new jig. Its  is looking good so far and should be unveiled later this month.

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