Fixed Gear London x Vans Bike

I went to have a peek at the Fixed Gear London x Vans Bike in Carnaby Street. Ted welded the frame himself, they’ve put Charge forks on it and given it a nice matt/gloss checkerboard paint job. It was hard to get a picture of it because of the reflection from the shop accross the street, so go along and have a look or take a peek at the Fixed Gear London Blog for more info. Or you can have a look at the Flickr set, here.

Its Fixed Gear London’s interpretation of what a Vans fixed gear bike would be like and its a one off. I’ve heard rumours that you can win the bike by sending FGL videos of yourself riding. I’m not sure though.

We had a few beers to celebrate then I had to do the right thing and go home as it was my brother’s wedding the next day. 

The wedding was fun and wierd. I now have lots of russian relatives as my brother married a russian countess… He moves in somewhat different social circles to those I inhabit as he won an eighty percent scholarship to an expensive school and I spent my teens hanging around bus stops drinking cider.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t become a Count, as that would have really amused me. Here is a pic of my new father in law (or is he? How does it work?), the very lively and interesting Count Nicolai Tolstoy – Miloslavsky. He even has his own website, here.


I met a lot of other interesting people too. Dominic (below), is a criminal defence laywer and I rather liked his eyepatch. Despite the enormous amounts of champagne I drank, I manage to stop myself from asking to have a look behind it. It took enormous self constraint. I am definitely getting him to represent me if I do anything bad.

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