When we went to Frankfurt, Obi and Andy from Inspired Flight came along to film us. We rewarded them by drinking lots of beer and not riding very much! Mainly coz of the snow rather than inherent laziness, I swear!

Anyway, Obi and Andy and a rather large production team are currently making a proper documentary about fixed gear bikes. Its an excellent set up with high production values and whatnot and when I saw a quick edit the other day I was super impressed. Along with interviews and footage of tricks and the like, they’ll be including other kinds of riding, frame building and other interesting bits and pieces.

Above is a picture of the set up the other day so you can see what I mean. There’s a goddam lighting rig! Anyway,let me tell you, it actually wound up being pretty stressful yesterday – you see that spotlight? I had to do tricks on that spotlight in front of a dozen people and about four very expensive cameras. To say I got performance anxiety is an understatement! I couldn’t bloody do anything! I was trying this stupid keo as they were filming in mega slow mo and I fucked it up so many times. It was really frustrating. I didn’t realise how hard I find doing that kind of thing but I think it reminded me of when I was snowboarding and I hated competitions because I’d go to pieces!

Shit is proper yo! Told ya:

I’m much happier to just mess about with my friends and a beat up camcorder but Obi and Andy are awesome and it looks like this film is gonna be ace. So thank you guys for including me. I’m sorry I’m such a baby!

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