Fixed Days Berlin & the Rad Rad Race

Fixed Days started off as a few fixed gear shenanigans over at Eurobike in 2010. Now bigger and better, Fixed Days is an event in it’s own right, and takes place annually in Berlin.

I’ve never been, so I’m not saying this with much authority, but I think the weekend pretty much revolves around all sorts of fairly lighthearted, fun, fixed gear races, rides and events. I’m super pleased that this year, I’m travelling over to Berlin with Mr Bikes-N-Stuff to find out for myself.


According to the website, this year Fixed Days will host a Minidrome, Junkyard Race, Bikepolo (not strictly fixed), Parties and a Sunday Brunch for all riders. But there will also be a Cityride, FGFS Best Trick contest (indoor), FGFS Trick Tour (outdoor), Alleycat and more.The only shame is, that as I can only travel with one kind of bike, I might not be best placed to enter all the events!

I’m Facebook pals with a lot of female fixed gear riders, some of whom travelled to the Red Hook Crit in Barcelona, and we’ve long been talking about meeting up and racing. I’ve just found out that the fixed gear crit, Rad Rad Race will have a stand alone women’s race, so it looks like we’re on. From what I understand, it’s a knock out race on a go-kart course, the slowest of each group being eliminated until only the winner remains. Can’t wait to meet y’all! I might be the first one out thanks to my lack of training, haha.

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