Sometimes I feel like I’m juggling so much stuff but I just can’t help doing more and more. Not content with running this blog, consulting for brands, producing content for campaigns, writing for several websites and magazines and working as an ambassador for ASSOS, recently I decided to start producing more frequent content for my YouTube channel.

Much like when I started this blog ten years ago, I began producing videos because I wanted a record of all the exciting and interesting things I was doing, something I could look back on several years from now. I wasn’t actually bothered about whether people would watch them, but I figured that if they did, it would definitely be a bonus for my sponsors and hopefully feed back into my other work.

I feel like I’m in an exceptionally lucky position doing what I do; I get to travel to amazing places and experience cycling all over the world. So my other motive was to share my enthusiasm for bicycles and the fulfilment it can bring whilst at the same time showcasing races, sportives, regions and rides that might appeal to people looking for new adventures on their bicycles.


Photo: Assos

One of the first things I wanted to do was to give glimpses of what goes on behind the scenes at some of the fixed gear crits that I enter; it’s such a vibrant scene packed with too many cool people to mention and I wanted to share the fun that bike racing can bring . Before I went to watch Red Hook Crit in Milan I had little idea of what the events were like but seeing one up close and personal was the catalyst for entering one. So I’d like to think that by bringing that world within easy reach of people around the world I could perhaps inspire more people to get involved in this rewarding sport.



As I got into cycling through riding fixed gear, it’s the bike I’ve been riding longest, as a commuter, a bike messenger and latterly a racer. So it made sense to focus some of my new, regular content on track/fixed gear bikes. I also polled my YouTube community asking what kind of content people would enjoy watching and along with sportives and road rides (yay!), fixed gear videos were right up there.

I kicked off the series Fixed 411 this past December with a video about my winter fixed crit training bike.


And today I followed that up with a ‘How To’ video showing how to track stand (whilst avoiding various cats and a Christmas tree).



I’d love to hear what you think of my videos – the process of creating this content has become a really nice way to interact with other cyclists around the world – so please do leave your comments and subscribe to my channel if you like what I’m doing. Stay tuned for more videos every Friday!

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