If you follow Dave’s blog Ride Everything, you might realise that the pair of us are feeling very lazy and ill today, so therefore this post comes at you straight from bed, with very little wit, humour or forethought! Annoyingly, I’ve been getting ill far too frequently and it’s really been eating in to my training time but I’ve had to prioritise my health over riding! Three weeks of really bad, full on proper flu last winter (totally bedridden, psychedelic hallucinations etc) may well have affected my immune system to such an extent that it’s never really recovered. But that’s another post for another time.


juliet elliott night riding mtb light UGOE review ashton court-15


Anyway, as essentially what I’m trying to do with this is direct you towards my latest post for Brooks England, why beat about the bush anyway? So, click this here link and head over to the Brooks website to read about my love of night trail riding.

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