Filming With GoPro For Red Bull

The fine folks at GoPro hooked me up with a Hero 3 to play around with, which has been super fun so far. I’ve tried using the various different mounts; head, bars, chest etc and taken the mini camera out for a spin on most of my bikes. Some of the footage has been excellent whilst other times I’ve managed to film an entire run on the mountain bike with the GoPro angled at the floor, even though I’d hoiked the camera up pretty high on my chest. So in case you have one too, the ‘chestie’ chest mount is probably better for other stuff. It’s been a matter of just filming a few runs, then watching back to future to work out what set up suits what situation best.


Yesterday, I took the Hero 3 down to Decoy to film Kye Forte for a fun little project for Red Bull. It was a beautiful, hot, dry day and we got some great stuff on film, which hopefully you’ll get to see very soon.

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