Filming in Liverpool for

Posy and I are busy making our pilot show for Hopefully we’ll make it good so that they will let us complete the series and go to places other than South London and Liverpool! Having said that, Liverpool was nice and I’m not hating on South London by any means!

Stuff looks better when the sun shines though, eh?

I got called a slut AND a slag on a stupid little bike in the space of 30 seconds. Second woman to heckle looked like a fat orange ho dripping with gold herself! I guess my provocative outfit must have riled her? Oh no, wait, I was wearing jeans, trainers and an XL man’s shirt. Hmm

Posy’s still rocking the gap toothed look:

We met up with Nick Coombes who showed us around, bought us chips and let us stay at his house. Thanks Nick; you’re a legend.

Had a chat with Fit Bikes rider Ben Lewis. He brought tape with him in his backpack to bunny hop over. The scallies watching LOVED him. He was a true scally hero.

Nick gave us some history lessons:

We’ve still got a few people to film for this episode plus a shit load of archive footage to go though. We go into the edit suite on Tuesday to have a look at what we’ve got so far. Hopefully we remembered to turn on the mics and all that malarky….

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