Fast Forward Carbon Tubular Track Wheels

I’ve been running Mavic Ellipse clinchers on my track bike for a while now, and whilst they certainly do the job pretty decently, every time I go to the velodrome, I do get wheel envy. I’m generally a pretty cheap date and a scruff bag – sharing a portion of chips on the sea front and bumming about in a tracksuit on rest days but there’s something about shiny, deep section carbon track wheels that make me hungry with desire for the posh and expensive. The situation is worse if I ever turn up to race, either at the track or one of the fixed gear crits such as Red Hook – there are more blinging wheels than you can shake a stick at. And there’s one particular set of wheels that’s had me drooling for yonks –  Fast Forward‘s carbon tubular wheels, either the limited edition F4Ts or the F6Ts. Imagine my delight when Fast Forward sent me a pair of F6Ts to race on the velodrome and at Red Hook Crit!

The F6Ts are are made composed are multiple layers of differently composed carbon, design to give ultimate stiffness without being brittle and even with the tubular tyres pumped up to a really high pressure I’ve found they feel very, very smooth. The Double Arc rim profile means the wheels are super aerodynamic and slice through the air with minimal drag. Put it this way, they feel very fast.

In my latest video I check out the new wheels for the first time at Torbay Velopark. Stay tuned for a full review once I’ve given these a thorough testing.


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