Eight Inch cranks and Sofus Fransisco straps

I’m feeling a bit bummed but a nice box of tricks arrived which I’ve put on my bike to cheer myself up. Nothing like a bit of bike fiddling to take your mind off things. I know the last thing I posted was about product I’m trying and so is this one but there ya go. Whatever.

First up, I’m trying out these Eight Inch cranks, chain ring and bash guard. I’ll be reviewing these for Fixed Magazine. They look pretty sweet.

And secondly, I got a lovely fresh pair of Sofus Fransicso straps, made especially for my little feet and to go with the colours of my bike. Thanks Jonas!

Now I’m off to buy a new sprocket so I can up the gearing I’m riding – I’m gonna change to 36:14 so I have a heavier gear of 67.5 gear inches. I’m pretty sick of stupid spinny gears and want to be able to crank harder and hop higher. We’ll see how that goes. I know Wonka is riding something like 80 gear inches!

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