How I’m #DrivenBySomethingDifferent

Hot on the heels of racing several rounds of the ŠKODA sponsored Tour Series, I am delighted to be able to announce my partnership with ŠKODA this race season.

With their sponsorship of the biggest races in the global cycling calendar such as the Tour de France as well as mass participation events including Ride London where everyone can taste the excitement of challenging themselves on closed roads, it’s such an honour to work alongside a brand that does so much to support cycling.


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I’ll be taking you guys along with me on my summer cycling journey and sharing my training, nutrition, fitness and motivational tips as I prepare for the many races and events on my calendar such as Ride London, Red Hook Crit, Glacier 360, Ride Across Britain, ASSOSLDN Women’s Track League and assorted road, cyclocross and mountain bike races.

With such a diverse bunch of events in my calendar I’ve learnt a lot about what works for me in the relatively few years I’ve been racing, experimenting with different approaches to workouts on the bike and at the gym and discovering when I need to listen to my body and when I should battle on through.

How I’m #Drivenbysomethingdifferent

Like most people, I juggle the demands of work, normal life and ‘bike life,’ (the best bit!) and try to get the most out of myself so I hope I can help you do the same. I don’t win all my races but I’m driven by something different – the thrill that comes from doing something I’d never have believed I was capable of and man, that’s some rush.

The swell of pride I get from my body, my legs, little old me conquering something challenging is addictive and that pride is a feeling I carry with me even when I’m not on the bike. I walk taller knowing I’m tough enough not to quit when things are difficult and I see the real rewards that come from working hard. That’s what’s great about cycling – it doesn’t end when you step off your bike.


Photo: Chiara Redaschi


I’m hoping that my posts can help you get further with your cycling so please do tell me if there are any topics you’d like me to explore or leave me questions in the comments below. With the right approach and commitment we’re all capable of achieving so much, whether it’s completing your first 30 miles ride, entering a race or finishing a sportive. The first step is simply picking your goal.

Behind the scenes at The Women’s Tour

Alongside regular content here, the day after I race the London Nocturne I’ll be reporting live from the OVO Women’s Tour in London on 11th June, bringing you behind the scenes exclusive content and sharing the buzz at the final stage  so do make sure you give me a follow on Instagram so that you can see my stories.

I’ll also be at Ride London riding with the ŠKODA team and Dave Noakes aiming to smash out a good time as well as raise money for Unicef. Please visit my Just Giving page if you are able to help their valuable work with vulnerable children around the world. I will also be raffling some ASSOS gear to raise funds so keep an eye out for that.

Stay tuned here and on my YouTube channel for lots of new content. Happy cycling!


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  1. Myke_Polo June 28, 2017 at 1:24 am

    I’m a massive fan from New Zealand ! My passion is bikepolo and life, also becoming fixed gear and hopefully fixed crit (if NZ had a scene 🙁

    I’m really interested in how you have attracted sponosrs whether through your achievements in biking or them approaching you ? I would love to be able to get some form of sponsorship into our most amazing game of Hardcourt Bike Polo for players like myself etc. Hopefully someone takes notice when the Team I’m in from NZ takes on the best and travel to the World Champs this year in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Thanks heaps and like how you pedal.


    • Juliet_Elliott July 10, 2017 at 4:34 pm

      hi Mike, thank you!

      My sponsorship has happened organically as a result of the things I’ve done in terms of promo and marketing, stuff such as this blog, my social media accounts, my work as a journalist etc.

      If you are looking for sponsorship, you need to have a think about what you can offer a brand and then put together a package of deliverables before getting in touch to outline a solid plan. Is your team getting attention? Are you building a following? Do you have some stats you can send? Could you interest magazines/websites/newspapers in running a story about your trip to Kentucky? You need to focus on these things because brands want visibility if they are supporting you.

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