How to plan a DIY Cycle Training Camp

Pro or am, fast, fit or fat, cycling training camps are big news. Every year around April time, my Instagram feed is filled with images of friends and strangers away for a week on the bike with no distractions, and although I’m by no means hard done by, every year I get just a touch envious.


Girona DIY-10

diy cy


With Crit season looming and a lot of races on our schedules,  Dave and I felt that if we could ever justify a training camp, it would be in 2016, but no being made of money we couldn’t just sign up and whack one on the credit card. I also felt somewhat outraged by the prices I saw advertised for Mallorca and Lanzarote – it seems like the words ‘training camp’ (like ‘wedding’) are license to hike up the price of everything.


diy cycling training camp girona



Creating our own bespoke training camp seemed to be a good idea financially – it would give us control how we spent our money. It also meant we could squeeze a training camp into our tight schedules. Girona, being so close to the airport and budget flights was a natural choice, not least because I fell in love with Catalonia last autumn.

Fancy doing something similar? Check out the Total Women’s Cycling website for my feature on how to create your own DIY training camp, either in Girona or elsewhere


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