Dirt Jumps & Why So Many Bikes Are Necessary

It’s a long running joke in this house that the optimum number of bikes is not n+1, but simply a bike for every discipline. I don’t see a genuine need for more than one bike of the same kind, to me that’s pure desire rather than true need, but a bike of every kind, well that’s another matter…

Over the past few years as my interests have expanded, my bike collection has grown to include bikes of several wheels sizes and tyre widths, so depending on my mood, the weather or what’s on, I can select an appropriate machine. The bikes have come to me through various means – through sponsorship, for reviewing, by swapping something or other, by disassembling and reimagining an old bike or through the old fashioned exchange of money. Some of them I get to keep, others are just passing through.

Some people can’t understand it. My mum, for example, still doesn’t quite get how very, very different bikes can be from one another, and still exclaims ‘not another bike’ every time I get a new one. I tried to explain that they’re a bit like shoes – you wouldn’t wear your stilettos to the gym or your wellies to work, would you?

I don’t have a bike of every single kind by any means, nor do I have a lot of money, so despite my greedy desire to have one of everything, I don’t. But a fortnight ago, on impulse after riding Manon’s Saracen at S4P bike park, I finally bought a jump bike, something I’ve wanted for a long time!

I spent ages trying to decide what to buy, looking at Deity, DMR and NS bikes primarily, then I thought ‘sod it, Manon’s was fun, I’ll just get the same one!’ My set up is not totally the same as it’s off the peg, has one gear, I took the front brake off and it’s got a crappy fork.



I took it to The Track in Portreath for its debut ride, and I loved it! Bit of a shame I chose to buy it at this time of year though, as it’s slippery as hell outside and I can’t find any sandy trails to ride. It’s kind of the wrong time of year for riding trails really, but I figured I’d have more chance with this than on my BMX.

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