The more you ride, the fussier you get, right? Well it’s not strictly fussiness, you just get to know what works for you. It’s also about making your bike fit for purpose – I had super narrow bars on my courier bike so I could get through gaps but I’d never ride something like that in Devon.


IMG_4497-4Charge recently sent me a lovely titanium Plug to ride and it’s been through a few different incarnations whilst I’ve been tinkering around with it, trying to dial in my ride.

One of the things I have to be very aware if my lower back. About 2 years ago, tightness and imbalance in my sacroiliac joints resulted in absolute agony… I was unable to ride for about 8 months and really frustrated. In the end, it got so bad that I couldn’t walk properly so I finally went to see a chiropractor, then my yoga teacher, Anna taught me some balancing stretches which have been very helpful. I still suffer from a fair bit of pain on the bike, but minute adjustments can make a huge difference.

IMG_4561-1 IMG_4562-1 IMG_4563-1 IMG_4564-1IMG_4565-1

So, it’s come to this – I wanted drops as I’m going to be racing and riding the track on this bike, but I’ve had to flip the stem. It would have been better to have a longer fork and some spacers, but the fork came from Charge ready cut, and rather short. So yes, it looks ugly, with the stem like this, but it works for me so I have to turn a blind eye!


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