Death Or Glory Rotterdam video

Seeing as I wasn’t meant to be riding at Death Or glory in Rotterdam due to my bad back, I decided it would be nice to film and edit a video of the trip instead. Unfortunately the boys buggered off with the camera before I got out of bed, ran it out of batteries and then the person with the camera (naming no names…) didn’t come home all night so we couldn’t charge it. The two good things that came out of that scenario were that a> I didn’t have to do any filming in the end and b> Dave used his iphone to film everything and just gave me the footage. In actual fact there were a couple of good clips on the video camera but the quality was wierd and didnt fit with the iphone stuff so I had to leave it out. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video; it was just made for fun so it’s no masterpiece but I think it gives a good impression of the weekend.


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