Seeing as I’m up and down from London all the time and the fixed gear is so perfect up in the capital, I’ve been riding my Charge Filter a whole lot down here in Devon. I toyed with the idea of going on some club runs with Mid Devon CC to test out the old legs, but thought it would be prudent to try some longer rides in the hills of Devon before doing so. Turns out it’s a good job I did, as the seriously undulating terrain can be quite a killer over longer distances.

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So for now, I’m giving the cycle club a miss whilst I build my strength back up to the standard it was when I was riding all day as a messenger. The ride over the weekend from Newton Abbot to Starcross and along to Exmouth and back was one of the most picturesque I’ve taken, made all the more nice by a big flask on coffee and a pasty on the beach. That’s what I love about cycling – it just doesn’t feel like training in the same way other activities do…. when I went for a run the other day, the minutes took hours to pass and I was so conscious of the fact I was ‘working out’ rather than having fun. Guess some people like running. But I think those people are odd.

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