Coven X Milltag Cycle Kit Restock

A few months back, I designed a Coven cycle kit which was made in collaboration with British purveyors of Italian made bike apparel, Milltag.

We put the kit up for pre-order as I was nervous in case nobody ordered it, particularly as they’d have to believe that our mockup was an accurate portrayal of what they’d be receiving. Thankfully, people seemed to dig the design so we went ahead with manufacturing and when I received the kit last week I was genuinely stoked; it’s come out really good!



The minute people saw the pics of the jersey and bibs over at the Coven site, if they didn’t already have them, they wanted them! So I’m happy to say you can now place an order for the next batch. Head over to Milltag to select either the jersey, the bibs, or both.

[PS the bibs are really nice and very comfortable – they have a really soft wide coloured band around the bottom of the leg, rather than that stitched ruching with a horrid little rubbery bit which gives me a rash. And they’re a bargain at £70]


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