So in case you don’t know, I’m an ever so mini publishing machine, in that I independently produce and publish Coven Magazine. It’s sometimes a pain in the ass, but I find myself unable to stop working on it, even when it’s driving me a bit (a lot) insane. The thing is, there are so many cool things going on in the world, and I want to draw attention to them, and share things I’ve found with other people. But the main issue is this: there are TONS of cool women doing cool stuff, but hardly anyone ever hears about it, as ‘women’s mags’ just write about inane bullshit that’s a total waste of brain space. And from an early age, young girls are basically brainwashed into valuing the wrong things thanks to the sheer proliferation of crap that’s thrown at them.

Anyway, I’ll stop myself now before launching into full frenzied monologue on what annoys me, and allow Coven Magazine to speak for itself. And hopefully redress the balance in some very small way.


Inside the magazine you’ll find the following, and then some other stuff too:

Artist – Bryn Perrott, Artist – Bohie Palecek, Snowboarder – Kimmy Fasani, Letterer – Jessica Hische, Ultra-runner – Samanatha Gash, Mountain Biker – Tahnee Seagrave, Photographers Alison Palmer and Olivia Mann, Surfer – Rosy Hodge, Skater – Elissa Steamer, plus Cycle Touring in Japan, Books, Camping, Art, Design, Travel, Skateboarding, Photography, Running and more.

A big thanks to Brooks England for supporting this issue; love you guys.

Read issue 8 here, or click on the image above to be redirected.

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