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Spanish Magazine, Neo 2 recently profiled several women behind the helm of print publications around the world. I was delighted to be included, and tell them all about my experiences self publishing a magazine. In case you don’t speak Spanish, perhaps I can summarise what I told them:

Neo2 magazine

Self publishing is both brilliant and awful. Why? Well, as an independent, I have complete control over my output, and can pretty much put whatever I want in the mag. The downside, well  if you don’t have to answer to anyone, finances can be somewhat tricky to say the least. Publishing Coven was a huge leap of faith, and on those down, dark days alone in the office, you can sometimes wonder whether it’s all worth it. We’re still tiny, but people everywhere have noticed what we’re doing; it’s always gratifying to get feedback from women (and men) around the world, who love what myself and all the other awesome people involved in Coven have produced.

Viva la print? Well never say never. If you’d like to support us and see Coven in all it’s papery glory, head on over to our store and grab a copy.

Thanks for including us, Neo 2!

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