Its been unseasonably cold here in London with snow and ice stopping me having fun riding my bike. There are no proper indoor parks in or anywhere near London; the only covered park is Bay 66 and that is under a motorway with open sides. The rain blows in the sides, its rather cold there  plus I went a couple of weeks ago and they’d closed due to condensation dripping from the roof. Bay 66 is really good fun, but it still sucks that we don’t have a proper indoor park here.

After endless cold, dark, frustrated winter evenings googling, I came to the conclusion that the nearest decent indoor parks to London were Corby and Broadstairs. Note I said nearEST not near…. Corby is at least two hours drive away and Broadstairs is about the same. Oh, and did I mention that I don’t have a car?

So it was that I decided to treat myself to a trip to Adrenalin Alley, Corby’s indoor park complete with foam pit, resi ramp, resi vert and resi midi. It was pretty extravagent – £22 for a return fair booked in advance but on the plus side the train only took an hour each way.

Imagine my disappointment when I arrived to be told the park was such as condensation had dripped from the roof and frozen on the floor.

Imagine my further frustration when I got back on the train to London and was unceremoniously booted off and charged the price of a single ticket to the next stop as my return seat wasnt’t booked until 7pm. Faced with eight hours sitting in sub zero temperatures at Kettering train station or a new ticket for 40 quid, I bunked the next train home anyway as a fuck you to to the miserable shit who kicked us off the first one.

I wonder if I will ever get to ride Corby. After wasting so much time and money it’s probably gonna be next year before I take that risk again. The park looked AMAZING too!

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