Check out: Assos’s new Women’s Tiburu S7 Tights

Last month at the Assos women’s event at Look Mum No Hands, I was given a pair of their new women’s Tiburu S7 padded cycling tights to try out. It’s always exciting to get totally new Assos stuff to try, the brand works for about five billion years on every product, researching, testing, adjusting and refining every detail for well over a year so only a select few items are added to the range at any one time. The products that make up the range are designed to last for multiple seasons rather than being retired at the end of one, which is great – it means I’ve got over any desire for quick, fast turnaround disposable products and learnt to appreciate timeless designs. But still, new stuff is always cool!

I took them for a little spin in London but wasn’t really able to give them as much testing as I wasn’t actually supposed to be riding at all in September after my doctor prescribed a total rest.




I’ve now finally had the the chance to wear them, up in London on a recent video shoot for British Cycling, over in Switzerland on a photo shoot with Assos in the mountains and most recently, here in Devon during a rapidly cooling Autumn.

The tights are designed to be a spring/autumn piece, making use of several different fabric types in panels cut to follow the shape of the body and add comfort. The curved seams also just look really nice – those that wrap around the back of the leg extending down from the chamois are particularly good.





The use of fabrics in different weights and textures enhances the performance of the tighs. They’re insulated on the front of the leg using a light fleece material, which has a sort of geometric dimpling to trap warm air. Naturally, it’s important to keep your knees warm and the warmer material at the front protects you from wind chill. Round the back of the tights the material is slightly lighter, meaning there’s no bunching around the back of the knees.

The tights come up nice and high at the back to keep you cosy and ensure you don’t have a gap between jersey/baselayer and tights and the soft waistband did a good job of holding the tights up and in the right place. Round the ankle, you’ve a soft elasticated band with some silicon dots designed to add grip to keep them in place. Another nice detail is the reflective band that adds visibility in low light.


assos-hl-tiburutights_s7-lady-review-7 assos-hl-tiburutights_s7-lady-review-8


The chamois is Assos’s new S7 insert, which is exceptionally comfortable, and I’m not just saying that because Assos give me free clothes – ask anyone about the quality of their chamois and they’ll tell you the same – the brand is pretty much on the craftsmanship of their shorts.

This a pair of leggings that will see you through multiple years in style and comfort and as such it’s reflected in the price – they are not cheap. But if you want something that’s going to last and allow you to #sufferincomfort, they might just be the pair for you.

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