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My cycling wardrobe is far superior to my regular wardrobe in pretty much every way, thanks to the fact I’m sponsored by ASSOS. Every time I open a package from them I have to pinch myself – it’s a complete dream to receive such beautifully made, technically advanced products. Wearing nice outfits to ride my bike never stops feeling good – dressing up for a ride is like a little treat to myself, a reminder that making an effort boosts how I feel.



When we first joined forces I favoured a pared back monochrome aesthetic and as such my kit was largely black, but that all changed last year when ASSOS put out some gorgeous brightly coloured jerseys. This year they’ve added more colour, introduced next patterns and launched a slightly cheaper line for women, the UMA GT range.

The jersey comes in two iterations, a classic red, blue or white block colour or the patterned version I’m wearing here that’s available in yellow, blue or raspberry. As you’d expect from a premium brand like ASSOS, the jersey is lightweight and very breathable. The jersey is very comfortable – it has a little less compression than the more race-oriented jerseys with a soft fabric that feels good against the skin and seams that don’t chafe, pinch or dig in.



The cut is slightly more relaxed than say, the Lalaalai jersey, though it’s still close fitting for a neat silhouette and no flapping. There’s also a slightly lower neck which is a nice touch for summer. Raglan sleeves increase comfort and range of movement. Sleeves are at the shorter end. Silicon grippers do a decent job of holding the soft elastic waist in place.

Round the back you’ve three pocket that use ASSOS’ Triple Ramp concept which uses hidden seams inside the pocket to help prevent your stuff flying out. It’s a pretty nifty idea as it doesn’t stop you putting things into your pocket or change the way the pockets look.

The matching UMA GT half shorts I really like. Again, they come in at a slightly lower price point than the LaLaaLai bibshorts so are great if you’re looking to get your first piece of ASSOS clothing but are on a tighter budget. Of course they’re still not cheap, this being premium, super high quality gear but they’re cheaper.



The shorts use ASSOS’ legendary chamois which gives an unparalleled level of comfort. The chamois uses three layers of breathable fabric including 8mm of memory foam and as the chamois is not fixed in the middle, it moves with the body to lessen friction.

The main fabric, Type.439 Diadema, is four-way stretch material that allows uninhibited movement and a decent level of compression. The fabric is breathable and remains cool. An added bonus is an anti-bacterial treatment to keep odours at bay.


The fit is again, ASSOS’ RegularFit, so as with the jersey the shorts are designed to be less racy than their LaLaaLai counterparts but I don’t know if they really are less racy. What is less racy anyway? Loose? All I know is they fit like a glove.

They come up a fair bit shorter than my other ASSOS bib and half shorts which I really love as I think the length both looks and feels good. Curved seams around the back give a nice look and enhance the fit and the waist band and leg cuffs are super soft and wide for comfort.

Put together, these are two of my favourite pieces. What do you guys think of them?

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