Chatting with Casquette about booze and Kim Kardashian

Brand new women’s cycling magazine Casquette is a breath of fresh air. I’ve got absolutely nothing against women’s cycling magazines and websites that cater to newer riders – there’s a huge need for these – but as a more experienced rider and racer I find it frustrating that there’s little created for me and my buddies.

Pretty Damned Fast and Ella Cycling Tips are two websites I enjoy reading when I find the time but as I spend so much time working on a screen of some kind of another, I really love taking a break from computers and phones and picking up a printed magazine.


casquette magazine issue 1


Casquette is a brand new quarterly women’s cycling magazine that has interviews that interest me (Nicole Cooke and Emily Chappel in the launch issue) as well as a great sense of style that connects with me, because hey, I like checking out cool cycling stuff.

Danielle from Casquette popped down to the Assos London store launch to say hi so we took the chance to grab a coffee and chat about publishing – she told me that plenty of people had sung Coven Magazine’s praises (the magazine I used to publish) so it was nice to tell her about my experiences, both good and bad.


Giant me in the @assosofswitzerland London store!

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Danielle then recorded an interview with me which has just gone up on the Casquette site so head over there and find out why I think commuting is a gateway drug, when I was happiest on a bike and why I like working with Assos.

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